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Classes can be arranged for small groups.  
The class cost is £30 for the initial session, most people who have attended are eager to come back again and develop their skills!
During the course of the session participants will learn how to cut glass and make a variety of objects e.g. a small pendant and earrings, moving on to a 10cm by 10cm tile which can then be made into a coaster, picture or mobile.  
The pace and content can be varied to suit individuals.  
There will be the opportunity to use powdered glass, paints and moulds.
 All objects made will then be fired in the kiln and, after a few finishing touches, ready to take home.  All glass and other materials will be supplied.  
If you are interested, please click here to email me or find more contact details on the home page.
About Me
K Designs specialises in designing and making glass objects and also offers training courses so you can learn to make your own!
All of our items are made with 'fused glass' which is glass that is cut and then put in a kiln to slowly melt and merge to form a single piece.  
You never know exactly how the piece will turn out and each of our pieces is unique as no two are ever exactly the same.
It is possible to make a wide range of items from simple Christmas decorations to elaborate plates and pictures.  
Commissions are always welcome so if you have a special event and need something different or original feel free to contact us.
Please email or phone if you have any queries, you can find more details on the contact page.

K Designs

10 Gomshall Road

Cheam Surrey


T: 0208 393 7569

M: 07739973469


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